It all started with a bowtie... and after that adding more and more prodcuts to my bobby for a long time. When I got my first own dog Fox, I wanted to make something for him. It had to be strong and durable because he pulls on leash but also had to be waterproof because water is his first big love. These characteristics got me thinking and I found biothane & waterproof PVC webbing, which turned out to be the perfect fit for us! After that I had to find strong RVS hardware and many colours so Fox would always look amazing in any season. I showed the gear on my Instagram (the.proud.pack) while Fox wore it, and my friends loved it! Soon more and more people started reaching out for the gear and bowties I made and I decided to start my own company: Foxbows was born. And now after searching and trying for a long time I made this site for you to browse and choose gear for your best friend just like I did for mine.